The second part of your board is all about your achievements on Hive, divided into activity & personal achievements and attended meetups.

In all of them, you can see the badges you earned, the ones still locked, and the ones you missed cannot be unlocked anymore.

Badges can have a different status as explained below:

When the badge has a red lock on it, it means you still don’t own the badge and have to perform some actions or match some criteria to make it yours.

If your badge is colored, then you're all good. Congratulations, this badge is yours!

When the badge has a white lock on it, it means that you definitely missed it and can no more unlock it. We are so sorry for you!

If you want more information about a badge, you can click on it. This will display a pop-up window with a complete description of the badge and the number of users who have successfully obtained it.

Do you want to know who else got this badge? Click the "show users" link to open a list of all owners. You can even click on any user's name to jump to their board.

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