Hive is a large community of users who often come together around interests that they share and thus form communities.

These steps are centered around this concept which is sometimes misused and deserves more attention.

1. Using communities

This stage is about finding and connecting with people who have common interests through Hive communities.

We are inviting you to scroll through the list of communities and find those that seem interesting to you. There should be at least some that appeal to you.

Of course, a great way to connect with people in a community is to share posts directly to it.

These steps will help you expand your social circle on Hive.

2. Managing communities

You can get even more involved in the life of a community by becoming one of its moderators or administrators.

Moderators are facilitators who make sure that discussions go smoothly and that members respect the rules defined in the community.

Administrators take on more responsibility in communities by managing their parameters and members.

This is what these steps invite you to experience.

3. Owning a community

If you haven't found a community that matches what you want to share on Hive, you can create and manage your own community.

Completing all the steps of this stage is of course not mandatory as having thousands of new communities without subscribers and activity would be counter-productive.

Therefore, act with common sense before embarking on this adventure!

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