The top of the page displays some statistics about your account.

1. Account level

On the left side, you will see a marine character representing your current level given the number of VESTS you own. It is displayed in the banner below your character.

VESTS are the blockchain internal representation of your Hive Power.

HiveBuzz monitors VESTS instead of HP because VESTS do not vary when accounts are not involved in blockchain operations while the displayed Hive Power balance may change because of HIVE inflation.

The Hive ecosystem

In the crypto sphere, "Whales" is a well-known term used for dolphin people with a lot of money. They are called this because they can influence the price of a token by massively buying or selling cryptos.

Hive adopted this marine terminology while giving it a wider dimension. This is why you will see the cohabitation of several marine species corresponding to their financial commitment to the platform.

Let's have a look at the requirements for each level:

StatusYou own


If you own between 0 and 999 999 VESTS, you are considered a Redfish


If you own between 1 000 000 and 9 999 999 VESTS, you are considered a Minnow


If you own between 10 000 000 and 99 999 999 VESTS, you are considered a Dolphin


If you own between 100 000 000 and 999 999 999 VESTS, you are considered an Orca


If you own more than 1 000 000 000 VESTS, you are considered a Whale

Better to stay active!

Maybe you feel proud of yourself and love to show people that you are a growing minnow, a happy dolphin, a respected orca, a venerable whale … that's so cooool...

But the ocean is merciless and a moment of slackening can be fatal!

Don’t become a Dead Fish

If you are inactive on the blockchain for more than 30 days, HiveBuzz will transform you immediately into a dead fish, regardless of your current level!

Inactive means that you have not performed any operation on the Hive blockchain.

A magic wand

Fortunately, this status is not irreversible, and HiveBuzz can also bring you back to life instantly. As soon as you broadcast one operation on the blockchain, you will be able to shine again in front of everybody.

2. Activity Summary

On the right side, you have:

  • The number of posts you have published

  • The number of comments you have made on other users' posts

  • The average number of votes you have received per post

  • The total of author rewards you got for publishing posts (in Hive Power)

  • The average author rewards you got for published posts (in Hive Power)

  • The total of curation rewards you got for accurately voting quality posts (in Hive Power)

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