Financial is another important part of the Hive ecosystem. There are a lot of financial operations that can be performed on the Hive blockchain. So as not to drown you from the start, we will first discuss the operations related to the tokens you have: HIVE, HP and HBD

As you can see, no less than 23 steps are offered to you to discover the different financial actions. Remember that the Hive blockchain is a feeless. This means that there are no hidden costs when you perform these operations. This a good reason to give these a try and complete your tour.

Here are the main stages we release with this new update:

1. Managing HIVE

HIVE is the primary currency of the Hive blockchain. It is also referred to as a coin and that is typically the first one a Hive user encounters.

HIVE is a liquid token and there is no restriction to transferring or trading it.

Holding HIVE does not provide any direct financial return or any right on the blockchain's governance.

2. Managing Hive Power

Hive Power (HP) is simply HIVE that you have staked (which is also referred to as "powered up")

Your HIVE that has been converted to Hive Power will then be less liquid, as it takes 13 weeks to convert it back to HIVE.

In return, you will benefit in the form of rewards for your curation work, and you will have a say in the allocation of the reward pool, as well as in the governance of the blockchain.

The steps from this stage will help you familiarize yourself with this transformation process.

3. Managing HBD

HBD, or Hive Backed Dollars or Hive Dollars, are another of the three tokens in the Hive ecosystem.

It is loosely pegged to the US dollar and can be printed (generated) as a part of your post rewards.

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