The HiveBuzz Ranking is where you can compare yourself with the rest of the Hive community! It displays all the values you are used to if you have already viewed your own board page on HiveBuzz.

How to access the HiveBuzz Ranking?

In the top right corner of your board on the HiveBuzz' Website, you will find a hamburger menu.

Click on it to open it then select "Ranking"

You can also directly go to https://hivebuzz.me/ranking.

HiveBuzz ranking page uses an adaptive web design so it will select the most appropriate layout for your screen. Landscape mode is recommended on small devices.

Columns description



User’s reputation


Number of posts published


Number of comments written


Number of replies received on posts or comments


Number of upvotes made on posts or comments


Number of upvotes received on posts or comments


Total of liquid HIVEs that are stored in the users' wallet

Hive Power

Vested HIVEs It does not include received or delegated HP

Hive Dollar

Total of Hive Dollars that are stored in the users' wallet


This is the current value of your wallet given the current HIVE and HBD price in USD (average price taken from several exchanges)

HP Received

This is the total amount of Hive Power delegation that has been received by to user from other accounts

HP Delegated

This is the total amount of Hive Power that has been delegated by the user to other accounts

HP Effective

This is the remaining Hive Power available for use by the account. It is calculated using the following formula HP + HP Received - HP Delegated


Total of Hive Power author payouts


Total of Hive Power curation payouts

Followers (1)

Displays how many users are following an account

Following (1)

Displays how many accounts the user follows

Reblogs (1)

Displays how many post have been reblogged by the account

Reblogged (1)(2)

Displays how many times posts from the user have been reblogged by others

  1. These values are not updated in real-time. They are recalculated approximately every hour, so it might differ from the value displayed on your favorite Hive front-end (hive.blog, Peakd, Ecency, Leofinance…)

  2. This is a cumulative value for all posts and all reblogs Example: Alice publishes her first post. Her post is reblogged by Bob and Charles Alice publishes a second post. Her post is reblogged by Bob The value in the Reblogged column will be 3

Additional information:

  • HiveBuzz ranking displays your reputation with 2 decimals. This way you know more accurately how far you are away from the next step.

  • Hive Power is displayed instead of VESTS. However, for accuracy, the sorting is still based on users' VESTS. VESTS is the exact number of shares you own. Hive Power is a representation of your VESTS, but relative to the total number of Hive issued by the blockchain. Many users were confused by the VESTS value displayed on the ranking because they are more used to Hive Power, which is the value that they see in their wallets.

  • Author (HP) and Curation (HP) are the rewards collected by users as an author (i.e. the posts and comments they published) and as a curator. These values are expressed in "Hive Power equivalent", even if the final payment has been distributed in another way (ex: 50% HP, 50% HBD)


Each user’s name is clickable and will open his/her blog on peakd.com in a new tab in your browser. You can also click on the level badge to jump to the user's board.


By default, the ranking is sorted by reputation in descending order. As you may have noticed, @haejin is the user with the highest reputation, far away from all other users. Congratulations!

You can also sort the ranking by Posts, Comments, Replies, Upvotes, Upvoted, HIVE, HP, HBD, Author(HP), Curation(HP), Followers, Following, Reblogs and Reblogged by clicking on the column header.


The HiveBuzz Ranking page has a convenient search box to help you find yourself or any other user among the millions of users registered on Hive.

Type any name in the search box and hit to validate. HiveBuzz will search the user in ranking given the current sort order and highlight his/her data row.

For example, let’s search for @arcange

If we click on another column to change the sort order, the page will update itself to be able to display the selected user.

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