Governance is an important component of the Hive blockchain. Should we remind you that Hive is YOUR blockchain and that, unlike on centralized platforms like Facebook or Twitter, you have a say in how it is governed?

You can participate actively in this governance by becoming a witness, that is to say, a person responsible for making important decisions and securing the blockchain.

You can also influence how the money in the Decentralized Hive Fund is used to fund projects that are presented to the community by its members.

Let's take a closer look.

1. Witnesses

Witnesses are people who are elected by the members of the community and whose main responsibility is the production of blockchain blocks in a secure manner and the decision to apply or not the changes that the community wishes to make to its operating rules.

  • Voting for witnesses With this step, we suggest that you exercise your electoral power by casting your vote for the people who deserve your trust to fulfill this mission correctly.

  • being a witness

    If you feel the stature and have the required technical skills, you can also become a witness yourself. Note that this step is of course optional.

2. Proposals

The Decentralized Hide Fund (DHF) is a fund that is mainly provisioned by inflation. It is used to finance projects proposed by Hive users and it is up to the Hive users to decide how the funds are used.

In this step, we invite you to use your right to participate in the governance of the blockchain by choosing the projects that you think should benefit from such funding.

By the way, there is an easy and useful way to complete this step: You can Vote for HiveBuzz's proposal! =)

If you have a project yourself that might be of interest to the community, you can also create your own proposal and hope to see it funded. Again, these steps are optional.

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